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Variable speed drive compressors from Atlas Copco Compressors

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Atlas Copco Compressors  have introduced the GA 5 VSD, the smallest variable speed drive compressor range available. Variable speed drive compressors vary the speed of the compressor to meet the customer’s actual air requirement. This way, compressor users only pay to compress the exact amount of air that they need.

The GA 5 VSD compressor has a flow range of 6 to 15L/s (13 to 32cfm). Smaller compressed air users can now benefit from reduced energy costs, precise pressure control and increased reliability.

As well as bringing energy savings of up to 35%, the GA 5 VSD range incorporates all the benefits of Atlas Copco Compressors’ WorkPlace Air System. For example, a GA 5 VSD’s full feature tank mounted unit integrates the refrigerant air dryer, compressed air filters, and the condensate treatment system and air receiver in a compressor package.

The minimum floor space and ready to use design of the compressor help reduce installation costs. The below 66 dB(A) sound level allows the customer to install the compressor at the point of use without causing discomfort to the operators.

With the introduction of the GA 5 VSD, Atlas Copco Compressors now extend their variable speed drive compressor range from 5.5kW to 900kW.

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