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Rig mountable compressors for drillers

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Atlas Copco Compressors & Generators Australia has launched a new range of rig mountable compressors to provide drillers and OEMs with fuel efficiency and versatility.

The new OEM Compressor range includes models providing air capacity from 145L/sec up to a new high of 605L/sec with pressure ranging from 12 bar to 30 bar.

The compressors are based on an oil-injected rotary screw design and can be powered by almost any source (diesel engine, hydraulic or electric motors) when mounted onto drill rigs, trucks or other vehicles. The company says these compressors have low specific energy needs, which means that engine size is minimised.

Atlas Copco says an example of compressor efficiency is its XRVS 976 Cd. This compressor uses a Caterpillar C12 ATAAC engine compared with a competitor’s machine that needs a C15 ATAAC to produce similar amounts of air, with similar reserve power.

According to Atlas Copco, the range is reliable, versatile and hardy, which makes it suitable for tough applications including water, reverse circulation and blast hole drilling.

A new compressor element design that incorporates improved lubrication, bearings and balanced piston, ensures reliability is improved.

Easy access to common maintenance points is provided and removable side panels are incorporated to allow access to oil filters and drains for routine maintenance.

The company claims the range leads the market for compact dimensions.

Atlas Copco business line manager André Van Der Heyde says the company knows for drillers, fuel efficiency, reliability and aftermarket support are imperative.

“As such, we offer the drilling industry a diversified range of compressed air solutions,” Van Der Heyde says.

“The first is our fully packaged and silenced Xsize 2 range for trailer-mounted applications where flexibility is the prime concern. The second is our new OEM compressor range which caters to rig mounted applications.”

In addition to releasing the new OEM range of compressors, Atlas Copco has launched its new Advanced Care Maintenance Program. Aimed at supporting their customers during the build up phase and in the field, the program offers three varying levels of support. These range from simply supplying the parts through to supplying parts and performing all maintenance.

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