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KMR Drilling uses Atlas Copco Compressor’s air compressor

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Tasmania’s KMR Drilling has chosen an air compressor from Atlas Copco Compressor to boost the efficiency of its operations.

Drilling for performance

KMR Drilling decided on the Atlas Copco XRVS476 as its choice because of its reliability, robust design and fuel economy.

“After researching many makes of portable compressors, it became obvious that Atlas Copco stood out for a number of reasons,” says KMR Drilling Director, Darren Richardson.

He explains their primary objective in buying a new compressor was to increase the drilling depth and capability of their water well drilling operation – a goal that has been more than achieved with its new Atlas Copco compressor.

“We wanted a machine with good punching for its weight and we’ve found the penetration and production matched with an Atlas Copco down-the-hole hammer is extremely good.”

Safety on the job

Safety was another important consideration for Darren Richardson. He wanted to ensure a safe working environment for both the operator and those around the compressor so was reassured by the machine’s safety features as well as the supplier’s commitment to safety as an integral feature across its product line.

Conscious of rising fuel costs

Fuel efficiency is an additional perk of the compressors from Atlas Copco compressors, bringing with it savings to both the environment and Darren Richardson’s bottom line. Already a cost effective portable air compressor, the supplier’s exclusive FuelXpert energy management system optimises their fuel efficiency by a further 10% or more.

“FuelXpert gives an average saving of 10% on the compressor’s loadings, but this could run as high as 15 % or 20% depending on what state the engine is at,” explains Steve Blencowe, Sales Engineer with Atlas Copco Compressors and Generators.

The unique FuelXpert system uses a combination of hardware and Atlas Copco Compressors’ proprietary software to regulate engine speed and air inlet in such a way as to optimise fuel consumption for each working condition. When the air demand is lower than the capacity needs, FuelXpert ensures the right capacity for the application.

Steve estimates it brings minimum savings of $500-$600 a week, which equates to an impressive $24,000-29,000 over the course of a year. “FuelXpert doesn’t just provide a once-off saving; it’s a continuous discount that lasts over the life of the machine. The more that diesel rises in value, the more savings that can be made.”

Door to door service

Darren Richardson was impressed with his new compressor and he has recommended it to a colleague. He explains that it is not just the quality of the product that has him singing its praises, but also the outstanding service provided to customers.

“I had face-to-face contact with the Atlas Copco Compressors’ sales representative from the word go when he flew into Hobart from Melbourne to discuss my requirements with me, including guaranteeing free air-delivery of the product. I was given the peace of mind that the compressor is supported directly by the manufacturer and its centralised fluid drain points mean ease of servicing.”

The after-market services have also proved handy. Following delivery of the compressor, Darren Richardson purchased a remote to handle its controls, which allows for the convenience of the compressor being able to work at some distance from the actual drilling area.

Rapid financial assistance

As part of its commitment to customer support, Atlas Copco Compressors offers internal finance solutions to make it easier and faster to purchase equipment. Customers are offered competitive rates and the added attraction of doing business with a lender who has a greater understanding of their product and business than a bank.

“Financing with us is a hassle-free process because we know our product, and we know your business as we are dealing with you on a day-to-day basis,” explains Steve Blencowe, Area Manager SA/VIC/TAS.

Partnership that can be relied on

In the 16 years that KMR Drilling has been in operation they have owned five Atlas Copco compressors. This long standing relationship is testament to the strength of the brand and the relationships that the supplier develops with its clients.

Steve Blencowe sums it up well when he says that Atlas Copco Compressors does not just find a product to suit and it provides an overall solution package that is tailored to the individual needs of the business.

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