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‘Hard Hat’ diesel-powered compressors

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article image Visitors took to the new (right) and old (left) canopies with a sledge hammer - with clear results.

ATLAS Copco Compressors has set the standard in diesel powered compressors by launching the new 'Hard Hat' version of their Series 7 compressor range.

Officially launched at the National Hire and Rental Industry of Australia show in May, the new medium density polyethylene canopy was showcased in an interactive display.

Guests were invited to attack both the conventional metal and the new Hard Hat canopies with a sledge hammer to demonstrate the exceptional impact resistance and strength of the new model.

According to business line manager Andre Van Der Heyde, the demonstration was the ideal way of introducing customers to the features of the new range.

"The main features of this range are its high impact and corrosion resistance - issues normally faced with conventional housing," said Andre.

"Therefore, the best way to differentiate this product was for it to prove itself. Both canopies took a beating but the new canopy showed minimal signs of damage compared to the metal one which suffered extensive damage. The demonstration was a big hit as customers could witness proof of the differences first-hand."

The polyethylene material used is often employed in chemical containers and boats. The material has properties that ensure its resistance to damage normally caused by UV rays, extreme temperatures and other environmental threats.

According to Andre, such protective properties serve to increase compressor life and lower the cost of ownership.

Ideal for construction, demolition, the hire and rental industry and other demanding applications such as utility installation and maintenance, the new housing is available for a range of Atlas Copco's Series 7 portable compressors - with more being added throughout 2005.

The Series 7 compressor range was launched in 2004 and contains seven diesel powered, single axle, oil-injected rotary screw compressors.

With capacities from 67 to 190cfm and working pressure ranging from 7 to 12 bar, the Series 7 range, according to Andre Van Der Heyde, delivers high performance, reliability and serviceability while minimising environmental impact.

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