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Gain outstanding flexibility and purity with Atlas Copco’s newest scroll compressor SF 17-22

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The new oil-free scroll compressor SF 17-22 kW is the result of Atlas Copco striving for continuous innovation. This revolutionary range opens a new world of possibilities for the most sensitive applications. Increased customer flexibility, reduced operating costs and improved ease of use are the most significant achievements.

The SF 17-22 was specifically designed for applications in industries such as hospitals, laboratories, breweries, universities or pharmaceuticals.
Innovation leads to more flexibility
The oil-free multi-scroll compressors SF 17 and 22 consist of up to four new 5.5 kW compressor element modules, making it possible to adapt the compressor to the required customer air demand with increased customer flexibility in comparison with the previous 3.7 kW element and the SF 11 to 15 kW. The new element modules can be combined in 2 different ways: the SF multi-core and the SF multi-duplex.

The SF multi-core enables you to only pay for the air that you use by combining several 5.5 kW elements in one canopy. One or more modules can be stopped when there is fluctuation in air demand. This flexible use of the compressor saves energy. If there is an increase in plant demand in the future, the SF 17 can be upgraded to a SF 22 kW with a simple kit. This makes the SF 17-22 a very cost efficient source of oil-free air at a low initial investment for current and possible future requirements.

The SF multi-duplex consists of 1 or 2 elements, backed up respectively by 1 or 2 additional elements, integrated in a sound insulated enclosure. This SF multi-duplex design is compliant with all the stringent redundancy standards within the medical sector.
Peace of mind: 100% oil-free air at reduced operating cost
Atlas Copco’s 100% oil-free scroll compressor technology protects both the production process and the end product quality while fulfilling the most stringent requirements for pure and clean oil-free air.

By optimizing cooling flow design, pressure drop and lower inlet air temperature, Atlas Copco has increased reliability and performance level. This results in a free air delivery (FAD) up to 51% higher and specific energy requirements (SER) down 6% for the new SF 17-22 range when comparing to the previous multi-scroll range.

The integrated Energy Saver System (ESi) monitors and controls the running hours of each element module, allowing for equal wear so service visits can be combined, optimizing your production process and minimizing downtime. Convenient access to each element module renders for minimum maintenance time.
Ease of use

The SF 17-22 can easily be placed at the point of use due to the silenced enclosure 65 dB(A) with integrated dryer full feature concept reducing installation costs and minimizing pressure drops saving energy. No increase in footprint requirement despite increase in performance.

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