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Explorac 100- new rig for RC drilling

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Atlas Copco  introduces the Explorac 100, a new reverse circulation drilling rig.

Global demand for reverse circulation drilling is growing gradually for ore body development and in-pit control, as equipment becomes more versatile, cost effective and far reaching in terms of exploration capacity.

The new reverse circulation rig is designed specifically for this purpose.

The Explorac 100 offers modern benefits with a focus on improved efficiency with the power necessary for fast collection of dry, quality samples, personal safety, reliability, service and environmental friendliness.

It has higher power, torque and pressure than previous rig generations. While specialised for minerals exploration, the Explorac rig can be easily adapted for water well drilling.It is compact and easy to transport from site to site, yet powerful enough to work in challenging environments. It is suitable for both RC and down-the-hole drilling (DTH) applications at depths of 100-200 metres.

The Explorac 100 is presented on a crawler chassis with a new, automated rod handling system, a mechanised breakout table and remote control.

Vice president, marketing at Atlas Copco’s Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration division Martin Sommers said the rig offers fast setup and drilling speeds, easy maintenance, reduced noise levels, minimum oil spillage and high-quality samples requested by geologists.

The Explorac 100 comes with rod handling as standard, including a 30-pipe rack and a mechanised breakout table with two spanners. The operator’s panel is strategically placed on a tripod or carried on the operator’s shoulder. It operates on a low noise level for improved safety.

A 35-bar compressor allows deeper drilling with the Explorac 100, without the need for a booster.

It comes with Tier III 82kW Cummins power pack for fuel efficient operations. It has a hydraulic tank of cyclone type with 30 per cent oil volume compared with conventional tanks, reducing the rig’s carbon footprint.

The drill string equipment is designed for Greenfield exploration. The digout sub comes with four bars, stabilising and preventing damage to the hammer when digging out holes. The RC50 high-frequency reverse circulation hammers come with 15-20 per cent higher penetration than conventional tools for reliability in all rock formations.

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