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ATLAS Copco Compressors has released the OSC range of condensate separators. The new range uses oleophilic and active filtration to help systems meet environmental regulations.

Eight models are available. They are suitable for use with oil-injected compressed air systems ranging from 35 l/s to 2360 l/s. The systems are simple to install and use. There are no restrictions on the drain-type used upstream of the unit.

The filtration process enables almost all condensate mixtures to be separated, including most emulsions. Oversizing is unnecessary when synthetic oil-based condensates are being treated. A maintenance indicator on the unit signals when to change the filters, removing the need for regular testing.

The system offers stable separation performance over the lifetime of the filter. It eliminates health risks because there is no stagnant water in the system. The risk of spills through blockage or sudden increases in condensate flow has been reduced through the use of large capacity chambers.

There is no oil collection bottle, ensuring that already separated condensate cannot be ruined in the event of a malfunction. Multiple-oil condensate can be separated, as can condensate from multiple sources.

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