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The traditional compressed air installation was sized by rule-of-thumb measurements of a given system’s theoretical compressed air demand.

This process has yielded over-sized systems which combined with fixed control system (load or no load) compressors used a much great amount of energy than necessary.

Atlas Copco Compressors  has addressed this issue with three key innovations:

  • Consulting services which accurately measure and forecast demand
  • Variable Speed Drive compressors which match air demand profiles
  • Energy Recovery solutions which recover heat lost in the production process

Atlas Copco Compressors innovations lead to energy savings

Knowing the existing system’s air demand profile is a key step in determining a solution.

By analysing a week’s air demand profile, Atlas Copco Compressors, through the air measurement box system, can quantify not only the maximum and minimum air demand but the degree to which this demand is varied.

With this information at hand, it is a matter of simulating several scenarios to find the solution for the customer’s process.

Variable Drive System Compressors, allow Atlas Copco Compressors to offer a compressor which follows the installation’s air demand profile, minimising inefficient running time.

The new generation of VSD compressors have found to produce up to 35% energy savings compared to load-no load compressors.

A significant amount of energy used in the production of compressed air is lost as heat. Atlas Copco Compressors Energy Recovery system allows recovery of this energy in the form of either heated air or water which can be used for applications further on in the process.

Orica Case Study - How an Australian mining company is on track to save 15% per tonne of production

Orica has been at the forefront of sustainability with its series of Challenge plans. The new iteration of these plans is the Challenge 2010 which outlines goals for worker safety and health, community safety and resource and operational sustainability.

This plan also outlines several operational sustainability goals including cutting energy consumption by more than 15% per tonne of production.

Trevor Luck, site maintenance manager of Orica IES in Queensland, began examining energy savings options when an existing fixed speed machine was due for replacement.

To better understand his system demand and to simulate more efficient options, Trevor contacted Atlas Copco Compressors and commissioned an air measurement survey.

The result was an installation of a GA 55 VSD machine which has the potential to deliver over $6,000 worth of energy savings in the first year alone.

The varying demand found in the operation of the great majority of industrial process was reflected in Orica’s case with 3 processes each having their own down and up compressed air demand time.

Trevor’s advice is to others is to commission an air measurement survey when examining options for the optimal solution.

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