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Atlas Copco’s new GA range oil-injected screw compressors from 30 to 90 kW

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Atlas Copco Compressors Australia  presents the new GA range of oil-injected screw compressors designed for significant improvements in sustainability, reliability and performance.
Atlas Copco’s new GA oil-injected screw compressors are available in a capacity range of 30 to 90 kW. With three value offers in the GA 30+ to 90 (VSD) range, Atlas Copco is ready to meet the specific requirements of any customer.
The integrated variable speed drive motor of the GA 37-90 VSD delivers 35% energy savings on an average, while avoiding compressor idling time. The premium efficiency fixed speed variant GA 30+ to 75+ with IE3/NEMA motor offers industry-leading efficiency and best-in-class Free Air Delivery (FAD). The solid FAD base performing GA 37-90 completes the offer.
The GA 30+ to 90 compressor range is driven by efficiency with significant milestones being achieved in performance, sustainability and reliability through improved components. The new oil-injected screw compressors present clear value, matching various compressed air needs and boosting productivity in some of the harshest environments.
With an industry-leading FAD, low energy requirement and low element outlet temperature in a cool, maintenance-friendly canopy, the new oil-injected screw compressors reinforce Atlas Copco’s position as a market leader.
Key features of Atlas Copco’s new GA range oil-injected screw compressors:
  • Cool canopy and single-ducting principle influence performance and serviceability
  • Improved component layout in the canopy reduces temperatures at the element outlet by 10ºC
  • Canopy also draws in less conductive dust, extending electrical component lifetime
  • IE3/NEMA premium efficiency motors combined with highly efficient screw elements in all ranges
  • Dedicated VSD motor matches the compressor’s output to the actual demand, saving 35% energy and reducing life cycle cost up to 22%
  • No idling times or blow-off losses
  • Integrated compressor controls
  • Start-up under system pressure
  • Integrated dryer makes use of environment-friendly refrigerant, R410A that does not contribute to ozone depletion
  • R410A also reduces the dryer’s power consumption by 50%
  • Elektronikon compressor controller offers advanced, reliable and continuous monitoring of compressor performance
  • Predictive monitoring and easily accessible components allow for easy servicing, less maintenance and more compressor uptime
  • Low sound levels allow installation anywhere in the factory and even close to the point of use
  • Integrated condensate treatment suitable for ISO 14001 certified companies, allows the condensate to be safely disposed in the sewage system
According to Koen Lauwers, Vice President Marketing of Atlas Copco’s Industrial Air Division, many small improvements to the oil treatment system in the GA 30+ to 90 compressor range result in 50% less oil consumption and reduced maintenance.

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