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Atlas Copco launches hospital vacuum system

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BeaconMedaes, now a part of The Atlas Copco Group has released a breakthrough in vacuum source technology for the medical industry in Australia. The new VSD Claw Medical Vacuum System is now an efficient medical vacuum technology. The VSD Claw Medical Vacuum System offers hospitals and clinics a significant reduction in energy consumption.

“Atlas Copco’s Variable Speed Drive (VSD) was one of the most significant advances in compressor technology in the last twenty years,” said Richard Harris, Medical Product Manager of Atlas Copco,

“Independent trials have rated the VSD as saving as much as 35% over conventional compressors. And now, thanks to BeaconMedaes, we have combined the energy saving characteristics of the VSD regulation system with the inherent safety and efficiency of the claw vacuum pump design.”

The BeaconMedaes VSD Claw Medical Vacuum System uses frictionless, multi-claw rotors that never contact the housing or each other. This eliminates the need for lubricants, oils or sealing fluids, which means that there is no risk of a gas such as oxygen igniting in the pump.

The VSD matches the vacuum motor speed to the vacuum demand, ensuring that fluctuations in vacuum pressure never reach the point of use or the patient, and resulting in greater energy efficiency, quieter operation, and a longer life for the machine.

“This is the first time in Australia that VSD technology has been available across such a comprehensive range of vacuum product,” said Richard Harris “We believe the combination of VSD and Claw technology will have as significant an impact on vacuum equipment as it had on air compressors.”

Atlas Copco, a global provider of industrial products, purchased Beacon Holdings Corp — parent company of BeaconMedaes and Medaes Ltd — in 2006. BeaconMedaes is now the global competence centre for medical solutions within the Atlas Copco Group. This new arrangement will provide even greater product development expertise and innovation to the medical industry.

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