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Atlas Copco enters vacuum market with oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump

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Atlas Copco Compressors Australia  introduces the new GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump to the market.
Thanks to the synergies between compressed air and vacuum technology, Atlas Copco has entered the vacuum market with oil-injected vacuum pump systems, offering the same quality and reliability as their compressor range.
The new GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps are designed for ‘rough vacuum’ between 0.5mbar and 500mbar. Atlas Copco’s in-house designed screw element is at the core of the new GV pump with the oil-sealed rotary screw technology offering high performance in this operating pressure range at low energy cost.
GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps deliver consistent and efficient vacuum in various industrial applications from printing and packaging to plastics, electronics, woodworking, bottling and canning.
Key features of Atlas Copco GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps:
  • Modulating valve fitted at the pump inlet matches the capacity to actual demand
  • Design concept minimises the system’s vacuum level fluctuations, operating the pump at the lowest possible energy point
  • Less frequent stop/start results in less wear and maintenance, and increased reliability
  • Rough vacuum suitable for general industry
  • Delivers capacities between 500 and 5000m³/h making it ideal for many applications
  • Quiet operation allows the pump to be installed close to the point of use
  • Remote installation as part of a centralised vacuum system also allowed
As a market leader in compressed air technology, Atlas Copco can now outfit complete factories with compressed air, low pressure air and vacuum solutions as a one-stop-shop service for customers. Koen Lauwers, Vice President Marketing to the Industrial Air Division notes that Atlas Copco expects to launch new vacuum pump technologies and systems in the coming months.

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