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Atlas Copco Compressors’ air compressor for Australian Pressure Testing Services

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Australian Pressure Testing Services is using an Atlas Copco air compressor to boost productivity and position its business for expansion.

When a gas pipeline is being tested for leaks there is absolutely no room for error, because even a small pinhole leak can lead to disastrous results.

So when Australian Pressure Testing Services needed a portable air compressor for use on a project in central Australia, it decided to opt for Atlas Copco Compressors ' products.

Australian Pressure Testing Services was honoured with the Panasonic Australia Business Award (WA) at the Telstra Business Awards in 2007. This year, the business expects to expand even further by doubling its 50-strong workforce over the coming months.

“I think our strong culture has been a huge part of our success,” explains Managing Director Paul Newbound, who founded Australian Pressure Testing Services in 2003 and has overseen its rapid growth. “That culture is all about being sure our clients get what they need.”

Australian Pressure Testing Services recently took delivery of a portable, diesel-driven air compressor from Atlas Copco Compressors which will be used for drying gas pipes prior to testing, as well as for pneumatic pressure testing and for dewatering pipes.

“In the past we have hired machines in as required, but we felt that it was a good decision to take advantage of the new technology and support available from Atlas Copco, so we purchased a new machine designed for our industry,” says Paul.

According to Paul Newbound, one of the key reasons why his firm chose an Atlas Copco Compressors was the supplier’s international reputation for reliability, something that is vital when equipment is being used in the critical process of ensuring a gas pipeline is safe for operation.

“If you get water in the pipe and introduce natural gas into it, it will freeze the water and can cause brittle fracture and the failure of the pipe,” he says. “You need to know that the company you are choosing is reputable.”

The compact and innovative design of Atlas Copco Compressors’ compressors was another major factor in Paul’s decision. “It’s the only product we could find that has an after-cooler that fits inside the compressor, which means it is very efficient spacewise for us and makes transportation much easier,” he says.

Ease of transportation was especially important for his firm in this particular operation where the compressor had to be carted to a pipeline in an extremely remote area of desert.

Another benefit that led Paul Newbound to choose Atlas Copco Compressors is that the compressor’s engine is fuel-efficient. “Because of the remote locations we work in, the less fuel we have to get into those places, the better it is for us,” he says.

As well as these three key features, the flexible and helpful service offered by Atlas Copco Compressors helped to clinch the deal, Paul adds.

“Since the compressor is being used in a remote location, we entered into an agreement to do the minor servicing with Atlas Copco supplying all the parts in convenient service kits when we need them, while they plan and carry out the major servicing to fit in with our work program,” he says. “Being able to do that was really handy for us.”

Providing a comprehensive range of service options to customers both during and after a sale is something that Atlas Copco prides itself on, according to Chris Wheeler, Business Development Manager with Atlas Copco Compressors and Generators.

As well as having full access to maintenance, spare parts and repairs, he says, customers can also take advantage of Atlas Copco Compressors’ internal finance solutions to make it easier and faster to purchase equipment, choosing either the convenience of being self-funded by Atlas Copco Compressors or arranging a purchase through the customer’s existing choice of external finance.
In the case of Australian Pressure Testing Services, Atlas Copco Compressors even delivered specially tailored staff training to teach staff how to operate and maintain the machine.

“Our portable compressors are legendary for their robust build and the ongoing innovation that goes into design, which makes them extremely efficient to run compared to others in the market,” says Chris.

“But we are focused on so much more than just selling gear. We are in there for the long-haul offering a total service to customers: our team almost becomes part of their business.”

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