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Corrugated metal pipes and storm water detention systems from Atlantic Civil Products

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Atlantic Civil Products  is involved in developing, designing and manufacturing various products for mining, forestry and civil industries. The products supplied by Atlantic Civil Products include corrugated structural plate, corrugated metal pipes, metal retaining walls, mechanically stabilised earth walls and steel girder bridges.

All these products supplied are used for making retaining walls, bridges, culverts, mine reclaim tunnels, storm water drainage, storm water management systems.

Atlantic Civil Products has an engineering design department that offers various services like structural designing, hydraulic designing, construction advice and details, installation guidelines, durability advice and information on assembly drawings.

Corrugated metal pipes provided by Atlantic Civil Products possess various advantages. These pipes do not crack easily when subjected to high loads and are available in longer lengths having fewer joints. The pipes come in coupled sections which help to prevent deflections. Hel-Cor corrugated metal pipe designed by Atlantic Civil Products possess good strength, lightweight texture and is cost effective. Corrugated metal pipes offered by Atlantic Civil Products are available in galvanised steel, aluminium or polymer coated galvanized steel.

Atlantic Civil Products also provides underground storm water detention and retention systems known as Buffatank. These systems have been manufactured from prefabricated Hel-Cor modular units which are connected on site using coupling bands. Buffatank can efficiently reduce local and downstream flooding at controlled rates with the aid of an orifice plate. These systems can also be used for retaining storm water runoffs as well as for recharging local groundwater using perforations available in the unit.

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