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ASTEG Engineering Supplies provides a range of manufacturing tools

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ASTEG Engineering Supplies  was established in the year 1961 and since then providing a range of quality manufacturing tools. Some of the most popular tools from ASTEG Engineering Supplies include cutting tools, machine tools, machine tool accessories, measuring equipment and drilling and threading equipment.
Some of the clients of ASTEG Engineering Supplies include Australia's toolmakers, manufacturers, repetition engineers and government departments.

ASTEG Engineering Supplies provides and support a wide range of measuring equipment which ranges from calipers and micrometers to sophisticated surface roughness measurement, contour measurement, roundness and form measurement non contact measurement systems.

Some of the calipers supplied by ASTEG Engineering Supplies include coolant resistant caliper, dial caliper, digital caliper, depth caliper, extra long caliper, gear tooth caliper, light weight caliper, vernier caliper and digital scales. All calipers are meant for some specific industrial operation and helps in measurements.

Some of the highly useful form and roundness measurement equipment system provided by ASTEG Engineering Supplies include angle sector measurement, angularity measurement, concentricity measurement, cylindricity measurement, flatness measurement, parallelism measurement, perpendicularity measurement, roundness measurement and straightness measurement.

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