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Dynamic scheduling engine from Astea

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Alliance DSE is the field service scheduling solutions for a new era of service management. Alliance DSE is a proven and robust, real-time scheduling solution designed to optimise and balance the complex tradeoffs between service cost and level of service.

Alliance DSE addresses the specific challenges of field service scheduling, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, accuracy and profitability to help sustain a competitive advantage in a volatile environment.

Good capacity, availability and performance

Astea has taken a scheduling engine that was developed to handle mission critical environments such as emergency response, where a response time determined life or death, and embedded it into its core product.

Astea’s DSE provides for maximum flexibility that enables companies to proactively drive, manage and monitor their technicians through demand forecasting, workforce profiling, and operational optimisation. Powered by new Microsoft .NET technology, Astea’s DSE enhances productivity, improves business processes and maximises return on investment.

Optimise schedules in a fraction of a second

The DSE is dynamic in that it constantly recalculates changes, in real-time, for high optimised schedules in a fraction of a second, maximising the efficiency and effectives of the field operation, minimising labour costs, travel time, technical skills and penalties while maximising conformance to commitments and SLAs. Infrastructure is developed to help organise, synchronise, and consolidate field service operations throughout the enterprise.


Reduce costs:

  • Reduce service delivery costs 5-20%
  • Reduce planning costs up to 75%
  • Reduce travel costs 5-15%
  • Minimise penalties
  • Eliminate costs and errors associated with manual scheduling
  • Handle more jobs with fewer technicians
  • Improve ratio of dispatchers to technicians

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Get the job done right on time, the first time, with the right technician
  • Provide accurate and reliable schedules to customers in real-time

Increase Revenues:

  • Ability to schedule more complex work, sales calls, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Ability to service more customers by optimising routes
  • Gain greater share of the customer
  • Expand market penetration, take on more customers without adding additional staff
  • Streamline billing process

Improve productivity

  • Transparency, real-time visibility of mobile workforce and their capacity
  • More consistent and controlled processes
  • Staff is doing more strategic work and therefore job satisfaction is increased

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