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Business intelligence functions from Astea

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Service lifecycle management analytics

Uniquely optimised for Microsoft, Analysis services platform, Alliance BI provides the comprehensive and robust business intelligence functions that customer needs to clearly identify and understand the catalysts driving their business.

What differentiates Astea ’s Alliance BI solution is that it is fully integrated with the Astea Alliance solution, providing critical data from departments that are traditionally dispersed across the organisation such as service, marketing, sales, contact centre, depot repair, contracts, and logistics.

Users are benefited by having all of the different pieces integrated to give them an instant 360-degree web-based view of their business.

Insight and action:

With integrated tools that facilitate results analysis, Alliance BI lets the user look beyond the big picture to optimise their business.

With an easy to use interface, graphical analysis and centralised data visualisation, managers and executives can immediately monitor performance and analyse results quickly and effectively.

They can then use that insight for proactive planning or taking immediate action to correct problems before they have negative effects. Alliance BI empowers organisations with instantaneous access to comprehensive cross-departmental information and facilitates users through the discovery process to ultimately end up with actionable information and insight.

Unleash information with interactive dashboards:

The Alliance BI interactive dashboards give users the capability to access and display data from multiple sources. Astea has incorporated service lifecycle management practices so that the user can draw immediate benefits with charts, graphs and dashboards that can be tailored and personalised by an individual.

Out of the box, Astea provides a valuable set of pre-defined KPIs (key performance indicators), making it that much easier to leverage and incorporate best practices into user’s operational processes.

Cutting edge technology translates to business benefits:

Alliance BI provides the user, out of the box, with a comprehensive customer-centric data warehouse optimised for Service Lifecycle Management requirements, unifying and consolidating information across the organisation.

The user also has the capability to pull in information from other internal and external resources to extend the data warehouse. With a zero-footprint web interface, Alliance BI gives the user the ability to access full analytic capability with the relevant data when they need it.

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