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Astea International introduces robust solution for service-centric organisations

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Astea International, a global provider of service lifecycle management (SLM) solutions, has introduced a new version of the industry's robust solution for service-centric organisations. Leveraging more than 28 years of experience, Astea Alliance 8.0 delivers extensive enhancements and new features to empower service-centric organisations to achieve a new service level.

Astea Alliance 8.0 has more than 160 new features and enhancements are empowering service-centric organisations with advanced capabilities, exceptional performance, and a new process-driven user interface.

Built on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 platform and offering more than 200 web services for ease of integration and accelerated development, Astea Alliance 8.0 is one of the open and non-proprietary solutions on the market.

Accelerated revenue growth, proactive insight to customer interactions, improved customer satisfaction and experiences, and lower total cost of ownership, are just a few of the advantages organizations will be able to realise with this new release.

More than 400 organisations, around the world, rely on Astea's solutions to run their service operations. This new comprehensive offering provides improved knowledge management and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance features, process-driven user interface, beefed-up escalation utilities and email listener features to increase automation and manage by exception, and new meter reading/billing capabilities.

Organisations also benefit from enhanced professional services automation, business intelligence, logistics, contract management, dynamic scheduling optimisation, and overall system performance.

According to Astea International, it is one of the well used service lifecycle management solutions on the market and I am very proud of this new version. This is a pivotal release for not only Astea but the industry itself, and one which will have a dramatic impact on the way organisations deliver service as more and more companies begin to view and leverage service as a competitive differentiator and revenue generator.

Astea continues to leverage its breadth and depth of experience and expertise to deliver leading solutions that are mission critical to organisations where customer service is strategic.

Astea Alliance 8.0 delivers a vast number of new features and enhancements, some of the highlights include:

Process-Driven user interface. As more and more companies are continuously trying to do more with fewer resources in a shorter period of time. We are enabling organisations to achieve this objective, by designing the user interface to work the way the end user works, regardless of their role. Fewer clicks of the mouse, more automation, and role-based workflows are major advantages of this release.

Service-Centric business intelligence. When it comes to delivering good customer service it is all about gaining insight into key performance indicators and trends in order to adapt quickly to deliver proactive service. With more than 140 measurements and 75 dimensions, solely focused on service lifecycle management, organisations can slice and dice information to gain a level of insight that cannot be achieved by static reports alone.

Unmatched contract management capabilities. When it comes to managing service contracts no one comes close to Astea. With Astea Alliance 8.0, organisations benefit from improved flexibility, contract templates to speed and enable customer-centric contracts, and pricing and renewal enhancements.

Numerous logistics enhancements added. A number of logistics-related features have been added to this new release. Costing improvements such as Advanced Vendor Exchange, Average Costing and Serialised Costing add advanced capabilities that further support logistics operations. Additionally, a number of procurement facilities have been included to further support streamlined workflow and increased automation.

Meter reading/leasing/billing features. These features support those organisations where a product is sold to their customer that contains meters for tracking usage or consumption, such as copiers, printers, etc. With these capabilities organisations can drive proactive service instead of reactionary service (i.e. break-fix). Billing, service, and consumer sales can be automated based on meter readings/usage improving customer satisfaction and increasing additional revenue opportunities.

Dynamic scheduling engine (DSE) improvements. The Astea Alliance DSE consistently delivers a compelling value proposition when it comes to real-time scheduling optimisation improvements. The addition of parts and breaks as another variable drives the optimisation to another level. Now organisations can, with high confidence, send the right technician with the right part to the right customer.

Professional services automation (PSA) advancements. Extensive effort and focus has been applied to this module. Great improvements have been achieved to enable the user to easily manage and track the entire project lifecycle. As a seamless module, in the Astea Alliance suite, PSA synchronises project processes across all modules in a single solution.

According to Astea International, words cannot express the level of excitement and pride that it has for this new release, and it looks forward to its customers' successes as they begin to leverage this advanced solution.

Astea International has been able to address many market demands, as well as introduce an abundance of innovative and time-saving capabilities, which will give it a definitive competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, Astea International has recently adopted a more agile development environment and it will be introducing new releases in shorter time periods.

This change will enable organisations to leverage new features, quicker, that will support them in adapting and achieving advantages in their dynamic environments for continued service success.

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