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Alliance customer portal from Astea

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Alliance customer portal lessens dependence on sales and service staff to conduct transactions that customers can perform faster themselves over the Internet.

It also provides another channel to promote and sell more products and services to existing base of customers. In addition to the convenience of internet self-service that many customers today prefer, Alliance customer portal reduces costs, creating opportunity to increase margins, market share or both.

Astea ’s advanced learning system, end user personalisation and other innovative features ensure high levels of intuitive usability, functionality and productivity for customer’s organisation.

Alliance customer portal supports multiple inquiry types and natural language interactions. Emotion detection aids escalation efficiency.

Intelligent search and information retrieval rank responses by relevance. On the front line of service, Alliance customer portal delivers fast, first visit resolutions by drawing on all existing knowledge stores to date and continues to build knowledge with every customer use.


Customer personalised access with secure login, provider-controlled privileges, end user-controlled navigation and activity management and direct internet or intranet links.

Advanced learning system draws from existing knowledge bases, leverages internal and external data sources and provides intelligent knowledge management.

Advanced search filters enable customers to quickly access specific information from knowledge bases and listings of account activities within Astea alliance applications

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