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Alliance Logistics offers enhanced asset management solutions

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Alliance Logistics  allows companies to enhance asset management, wherever product resides – remote warehouses, service vans, spares pools, or parts exchanges. It enables a reduction in inventory costs while ensuring stock levels and movements keep pace with service and sales activities. It allows for parts management for effective field service delivery and SLA compliance. Cost management improves cash flow by streamlining and shortening the cycles from inventory to usage to billing. As a result, lower logistics costs open opportunities to recognise higher margins on products and services.

Alliance Logistics supports multiple warehousing strategies: centralised, regional, repair depot, and service agents’ mobile inventories including kits and tools. Item transaction logs track movements, including in-transit stock. Colour-coded priority queues expedite key orders through warehouse operations

Alliance Logistics tracks component/equipment relationships, serialised and non-serialised items, substitutes and supersessions, costs, defective parts, vendor and customer returns, and parts held for repair. It monitors inventories for reorder quantities, stock levels, and reorder points. Sourcing rules by warehouse include rating vendors by grades, lead times and prices. The system also supports cycle counts and physical inventory adjustments.


  • Colour-coded demand queue provides a visual prioritised ‘to do’ list
  • Support of process flow through pick, pack, ship and receive including transaction logs
  • Asset management with inventory searches by item, serial number or advanced filter
  • Multi-site and multi-national spare parts inventory control
  • Parts replenishment engine automates requisitions to streamline purchase of depleted stock


  • Visualisation of demand and assets, encompassing warehouses, vans, customer sites, repair chains, spares pools, parts exchanges and in-transit
  • Improves stock level control, reducing carrying costs and expediting premiums due to out-of-stocks
  • Correlates sales, service, and repair order processing with physical fulfillment
  • Increases probability of first-time fix and enhances service delivery
  • Supports all warehousing strategies, including mobile inventory

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