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Assured Systems introduces Flashboard

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The classic method of getting a group involved and committed to a plan is to lay it out on a board on the wall. Today, people want to use computers, and we all know about the problems of getting a group of people to look at a computer monitor. Now, Assured Systems has come up with Flashboard, a neat solution to the problem of linking a planning board to the computer.

The base plan data can be typed in to the computer, and bar coded strips are printed with all the information for the Flashboard. The group can then discuss and manipulate the plan as much as they like, sliding the strips around, moving them up and down the Flashboard, writing notes on the strips and using a highlighter. The Flashboard is visual and tactile, human oriented.

When the meeting is over, a scan of the barcodes transfers the plan from the Flashboard back to the computer. Flashboard is patented and works with Microsoft Excel.

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