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Lead-free miniature coded switch

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ELMA announces the first of a series of new switch families, the C08 miniature coded panel switch, believed to be the world's smallest coded panel switch to combine high torque tactile feedback (3 Ncm) long life (> 10,000 cycles) and compatibility with lead-free reflow soldering.

Designed to offer a space-saving user control for price-sensitive mobile or handheld applications such as two-way radios, instrumentation and medical equipment, the 9 x 9 x 10 mm C08 coded panel switch offers SMD (surface mount device) mounting as standard, with Gray, Hex or Hex complement codes.

The C08 maintains its high torque consistently over the rated life of 10 k cycles, and suits low profile equipment, with the operating shaft centreline only 4.65 mm from the PCB. ELMA offers threaded and plain bush variants, end-stop options, and a customisation service for medium and high volume users. ELMA is available in Australia from Associated Controls (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

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