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Elma E37 rotary switches available from Associated Controls

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Concentric Elma rotary switches, available from Associated Controls , provide dual functionality in limited spaces. These switches can be used in avionics and high-end devices. ELMA have launched a range of concentric rotary switches.

The cockpit of a helicopter or an aircraft accommodates numerous display and control elements in a small space. However, the layout of the cockpit must be clear. Pilots may not be able to locate switches and buttons and need an ergonomic design suited to operation in emergency situations. These demands create a need for operating concepts that provide robustness, easy use and high functional density in a small space. Such an environment is suitable for rotary switches, which allow fast and intuitive operation.

In response to the problem of limited space, the avionics industry combined two functions and integrated into a single rotary switch element with concentric knobs. This operating concept has been applied to applications including portable radio equipment. In the avionics area, where compact units are attached to a belt, concentric rotary switches are suitable.

The user can select the communication group from the outer ring and adjust the volume using the inner knob. This type of operation is also useful in connection with laboratory or audio equipment, when adjusting logically related variables, while making broad or fine adjustments to a parameter or setting the right and left channels on an audio device.

The Elma E37 rotary switch integrates two rotary switches into a single unit by building on the modules of the E33 encoder. The Elma E37 rotary switch is made up of freely combinable modules. For both Elma rotary switches, customers can choose between 16 and 32 positions.

The encoders are available without detents. Each revolution generates 8 or 16 impulses. The switching torque can be selected according to the application and a touch function can also be integrated for the inner switch. The casing is available in THT vertical and THT horizontal styles. With both Elma rotary switches individually adjustable to a specific application, the Elma E37 rotary switch is available in 800 variants.

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