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Dio Light Ribbon: an LED light ribbon available from Associated Controls

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Available from Associated Controls , Dio Light Ribbon is a versatile LED lighting solution suitable for creating a wide range of spectacular eye-catching illuminated displays.

These LED lighting ribbons are available in Ribbon Flat and Ribbon Edge in a range of lengths which can be combined with a simple bridge strip to create the desired length. They provide static or animated illumination and are superior to incandescent globes their brightness and colour.

Not only are these LED light ribbons stylish, they are also safe. Running on only 12 Volts with no exposed light source Dio Light Ribbon is safe to touch, it provides no UV light or radiant heat, and is fire retardant.

With no breakable glass or filament, these LED light ribbons are also highly durable. They have a minimum of 60,000 hours of life, and are moisture, temperature and impact resistant.

Fast and easy to clip together to make continuous lengths of ribbon, Dio Light LED light ribbon is virtually maintenance free, vandal resistant, and energy efficient. With no mercury and no light pollution, they are also environmentally friendly.

Mounting these LED light ribbons is made easy with custom clips to suit both horizontal and vertical orientation, allowing the lights to be mounted around poles, columns and curved surfaces in addition to standard applications.

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