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Minimat E range of EC screwdrivers

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Deprag has introduced its Minimat E range of EC Screwdrivers. The range features hand held and machine mounted drivers, as well as hand guided drivers for use with screwfeeders.

Programmable screwdrivers are especially useful where flexibility in torque and angle are required, and where torque or angle measurement is necessary for quality or safety reasons. Deprag's Minimat E range of screwdrivers offers affordable programmable screwdrivers to the assembly industry.

The Minimat E controller can store up to 16 programs, and the screwdriver can be programmed to assemble to torque with angle measurement or to angle with torque measurement, as well as various other screw tightening options. The controller can also be configured to count the number of screws per part, and even clamp the part until all screws are assembled.

The controller has an Ethernet port and PLC interface. No software is required for programming.  The controller uses a web server for updating programs and downloading data. Up to 7 days torque and angle measurements can be stored, and the controller will signal all faulty assemblies. 

Torque-shut off is based on current evaluation (no torque transducer implemented)
Brushless EC-motor with current-sensing controller that guarantees low-maintenance operation, minimal down-time, good motor dynamics, high upper torque limit
Torque or angle control
Standard deviation < 3%
Same controller is used for handheld and stationary tools

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