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Transformers and DC power supplies from Ashley Technologies

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Ashley Technologies  provides solutions to industrial electrical requirements and offers range of chokes, transformers, reactors, inverters, electroplating and wire wound components. Ashley Technologies was taken over by Star Delta Transformers who are specialised in ferrite and PCB transformers.

The transformers offered by Ashley Technologies are classified into various forms including special single phase, special three phase, sheet metal enclosures, stock transformers and constant voltage transformers. Stock transformers from Ashley Technologies are compact in design, easy to install. It comes with range of overload devices, sockets and enclosures. Standard input voltage is 240V and 415V whereas standard output voltage is 240V, 32V, 24v. Special 3 phase transformers are reliable, rugged in construction, comes with angle brackets and also have bobbin constructed coils.

Ashley Technologies also offers DC power supplies including linear and switch mode power supplies. Linear power supplies are used to reduce the voltage and convert it to DC with help of rectifier. Linear power supplies utilises minimum amount of electricity. Standard range is 12 – 24 vdc and from 24-480 watts. Switch mode power supplies are small and light in weight. It offers accurate output voltage, protects short circuit and generates less heat.

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