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Longer range edge detection sensor.

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article image Turck CA4080 edge sheet detection sensor.

TURCK has introduced the CA4080 edge sheet detection sensor. Designed for use in harsh industrial environments, the CA4080's combination of rugged construction and exceptional range make it an ideal edge sheet detection solution for automotive transfer and stamping press applications.

The CA4080 provides a sensing range of 4mm on sheet aluminum, 10mm on cold rolled steel 1.6mm or thicker, and 20mm on flat stock.

The sensor features a durable toe steel housing that provides superior protection from pieces of sheet metal being dropped into stamping dies.

Its rugged ‘stoneface’ frontface is made of an advanced thermoset plastic specifically developed for improved resistance to scratching, pitting and abrasion. Dual mounting gives the CA4080 increased stability. Sensit 03 9807 7711.

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