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Fully moulded cordsets and connectors

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TURCK has introduced multifast wiring components — a complete line of fully moulded cordsets, extensions and receptacles for junction boxes and multi-conductor applications.

multifast quick-disconnect home-run cables and cordsets are available with 12, 16, or 19-pin connectors, in right angle or straight styles, with 7-19 conductors, and a choice of two cable materials.

The rugged and functional multifast design features oversized "M23" style connectors with large pins and solid nickel-plated brass coupling nuts that simplify installation in harsh environments and adverse weather conditions.

The new cordsets also feature high-flex cables in a choice of premium PVC for maximum resistance to UV, ozone, flame, oil, moisture and extreme hot/cold exposure, or PUR for superior tear and abrasion resistance.

Both cable styles optionally include a foil shield for EMI/RFI protection, and are ideal for use with junction boxes, or as multi-conductor cordsets and extension cords for light curtains, PLCs, encoders and other devices.

The multifast design features solid metal connector shells and fully molded connectors for built-in strain relief. Receptacles are available in standard thread lengths or long thread lengths.

Male threads come with male connectors, eliminating the need to use a thread collar with mated cordsets. multifast NAMUR cordsets and extensions come in blue PVC cable, and are PLTC rated. Sensit 03 9807 7711.

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