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Effective testing of ERP systems

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ASCEND Business Solutions has announced the Australian launch of Gamma Enterprise Technologies' InfoShuttle Add-On for Test Scripts, a bridging tool that delivers on-demand data from SAP to Mercury test scripts.

Ascend managing director Mike Chesswas said the new InfoShuttle Add-on for Test Scripts linked Gamma's InfoShuttle even more closely to Mercury's testing tools, making it easy for a Mercury user to gain and refresh a comprehensive data set.

"This innovation by Gamma is something which fills a need that has been apparent for some time - a tool that means every IT professional who uses Mercury no longer needs to be totally conversant in SAP," he said.

"It will speed up the process of recording test scripts and will ensure those scripts are based on the correct test data."

Effective testing to ensure the reliability of an organisation's ERP system is essential for business. The time and cost implications of an untested solution that goes into production could be extremely negative for organisations.

Obtaining test data can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Usually a script writer manually enters data or loads it from a spreadsheet into the script.

However, carrying out the task by hand has inherent problems such as ensuring the data accurately reflects "live" data as in the production environment.

Mike Chesswas said Gamma developed InfoShuttle to meet the need for an easy and fast way to supply production data to other SAP clients, enabling specialists to quickly select and replicate sub-sets of data from one system to another with appropriate dependent data moved along automatically.

Gamma Enterprise CEO Matthew Minkovksy said the new InfoShuttle Add-on for Test Scripts linked a specific data set created with InfoShuttle to a specific Mercury script, making it easy for a Mercury professional to have a complete and valid set of relevant data and to refresh it as often as needed.

"Our InfoShuttle Add-On can dramatically speed up the process of developing Mercury testing scripts and enable scripters to access a far greater range of valid data than can be done through manual processes," he said.

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