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Asbestos Removal Safety Kits from Asbestos Waterproof and Insulation Services

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Asbestos removal safety kits have been developed by Asbestos Waterproof and Insulation Services as DIY kits for homeowners who can now handle asbestos contamination in their homes without outside assistance or expense.  

The asbestos removal safety kits are ideal for homeowners planning a renovation or extension in their homes.  

If the home was built prior to the mid 1980's, and is in its original condition, it is highly possible that the structure has some component of asbestos, which can be dangerous to anyone exposed to it.    

Homeowners have several options for asbestos removal in their homes. Some of these options include property inspections to identify areas of high risk and hiring a professional to remove the asbestos.  

Alternatively, homeowners can manage the asbestos contamination themselves using the asbestos removal safety kits from Asbestos Waterproof and Insulation Services.  

The asbestos removal safety kits contain a selection of items required for safe asbestos removal including safety gear and protective clothing.    

The safety kits include safety coveralls manufactured from a special non-breathable material in addition to safety gloves coated with a nitrile compound.  

A key component of the asbestos removal safety kits is the specially-developed asbestos sealant, a compound that penetrates into the asbestos material and significantly reduces the release of fibres when the surface breaks during removal, lowering the risk of exposure.   

All the products contained in the kit have been carefully chosen to provide optimal protection in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) regulations. All the products also meet strict Australian Standards.  

Asbestos Waterproof and Insulation Services has over 20 years of experience in removing asbestos for homeowners, builders and renovators.  

The asbestos removal safety kit was developed by their product development division as a do-it-yourself kit that eliminated the need for expensive contractors.   

The asbestos removal kits contain enough bags and plastic to remove about 10m² of asbestos. Additional items can be obtained individually as required if a larger area is being decontaminated.  

The safety kits contain easy-to-understand instructions and a toll-free number is also available for immediate assistance.  

Asbestos Waterproof and Insulation Services also offers online training courses in Asbestos Awareness and Working with Asbestos.   

The two courses are designed to familiarise individuals with possible asbestos problems as well as identifying, removing and disposing off small amounts of asbestos materials.

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