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Artios Technologies supplies Diferal's Ultrasonic Scale Preventer

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Diferal’s Ultrasonic Scale Preventer (USP) has allowed many of Diferal’s clients from varying industries, to achieve significant savings in monetary terms as well as savings in productivity, resources and time.

Diferal’s Ultra Scale Preventer has been helping customers increase their bottom line through immense cost reductions related to energy consumption, equipment maintenance, repair and replacement, cleaning consumables consumption and more, in Boilers and Heat Exchangers, since 1996.

By increasing process effectiveness and efficiency, the Ultra Scale Preventer has also allowed clients to increase their profits.

The USP has many additional benefits such as the production of ultrasonic energy that helps accelerate various manufacturing processes including yarn dyeing, protein extraction, alcohol distillation, paper printing and food processing.

Significant reductions in direct materials consumption and process parameters like temperature and pressure are other benefits of the Ultrasonic Scale Preventer.

Benefits of USP:
Scale prevention and removal
• Reduces waste disposal
• Reduces cost of consumables
• Reduces unplanned down time
• Reduces labour, maintenance and repair costs
• Increases heat transfer efficiency
• Increases productivity and revenue
• Increases boiler, heat exchanger and equipment life
• Increases energy savings due to significantly reduced energy Consumption
• Improves equipment safety and reliability
• Removes up to 7mm thick scale within 60 days
• Helps protect the environment
Process acceleration and efficiency
• Increases productivity and efficiency
• Increases revenue due to increased production and yield
• Reduces direct consumables consumption and expense
• Reduces wastage, defects and rejects
• Improves quality of results and products

The USP can save money, time and resources, as well as lessen the impact on the environment.

For further information, please contact Artios Technologies.

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