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Data platforms for PC measurement

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article image DM3000 Series data platform.

GRAPHTEC Corporation, represented by Anitech , has added the DM3000 Series data platforms for PC measurement to its family of data acquisition systems.

The data platforms are available in 8-channel and 16-channel plug-in configurations that enable test engineers to combine voltage, temperature, strain, frequency, and logic inputs.

All the amplifier units are isolated plug-in types, and amp-related settings can be easily made using the dedicated keys and interactive menus.

Both LAN and USB connectors are provided on the DM data platform. LAN connectivity enables remote operation, network monitoring, and data measurement, while USB connectivity facilitates measurement setups.

Up to eight platforms can be linked together with synchronous data input/output cables for synchronised measurement on the time axis on up to 64 channels.

Graphtec offers a choice of built-in memory devices for reliable data capture-internal memory, PCMCIA card, or the optional 40GB hard disk, at sampling intervals up to 1 (s per channel.

Even after saving a large volume of data, built-in data search capabilities provide easy retrieval of any portion of the data.

Captured data can be output in formats compatible with most major data analysis software programs. A printer option, which employs a thermal printhead, is available for concurrent recording on chart paper, if required.

An 8.4-inch TFT colour monitor unit is available which allows the DM3000 unit to be used as a standalone model. The DM3000 unit is notebook size, and the monitor folds down for easy portability-the perfect solution for applications when a PC is not available at the measurement site.

The stand-alone model is lightweight and easy to carry.

The DM3000 data platforms can be used in a wide range of measurement applications such as automotive and railway tests, noise and vibration analysis, home appliance reliability tests, maintenance inspections on production lines, electric power plant monitoring, and flaw inspections.

A dc drive option is also available for in-vehicle testing.

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