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Multi purpose sachets designed by Arrowpak Packaging

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Arrowpak Packaging  offers a variety of sachets that are designed to suit different kinds of packing. There are Magazine Tip On sachets, which can be easily attached to the magazines. These sachets can take upto 3000kg in pressure. Magazine Tip On sachets are available as single or twin pack which helps customers to try various products before purchasing them in bulk.

Neck tag sachets designed by Arrowpak Packaging could be easily attached to the bottles and helps in promotion of various products being marketed through bottles. The neck tags also add value to a particular brand and thereby increase its sale.

Profile sealed and Die cut sachets introduced by Arrowpak Packaging, are available in the shape of the retail packs and provide a third dimension look to the bottle, jar or tube shape. Arrowpak Packaging designs sachets for various food and consumption products. These products are packed in controlled environmental conditions, resulting in a quality finished product which offers customer satisfaction.

Arrowpak Packaging also provides packagings for various pharmaceuticals and therapeutics after they are approved by Australian Governments Therapeutic Goods Administration. Standing pouches are ideal for liquids, powders or granules which are filled and sealed using zip closures. Thermo formed sachets designed by Arrowpak Packaging are used to fill products like shampoos, conditioners and sun barriers and available in single, twin or multiple format.

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