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The PocketSwab ATP test now available from Arrow Scientific

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PocketSwab ATP hygeine tests from Arrow Scientific , are used by food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, and other industries where rapid detection of possible food contamination is critical. These hygeine tests allow users to quickly determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of food contact surfaces, ensure product quality, and reduce costs of cleaning. They are simple to use so that cleaning staff can use it to verify the work just completed and results are found in about 10 seconds.

ATP is the chemical that stores energy found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells. Because ATP is present in all living cells, ATP sanitation monitoring systems detect the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning. The amount of ATP detected, and where this ATP was detected, signals personnel of possible trouble spots that may need to be re-cleaned, and the possible need for improvement in a facility’s cleaning protocols.

Features and functions of the ATP hygiene tests include:

  • ATP hygiene detection is a well established rapid method that gives instant results
  • The sample collection and testing devices are integrated all-in-one and ready-to-use swab
  • When ATP comes into contact with the reagent in the PocketSwab testing swab, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present
  • The light is measured by an instrument called FireFly luminometer and is the only other equipment required for the ATP hygiene tests
After cleaning, all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced. The higher the reading, the more contamination that is present. ATP hygiene monitoring provides accurate and traceable verification of the hygienic status of a surface, which is a key part of any hygiene program.

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