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Texture analysis and getting the right mouth feel

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Developing a new product is not always a laughing matter. Even when taste and appearance have been perfected, trying to achieve the best possible texture – and a mouth feel that will attract and retain customers in the long term – may leave you frowning.

Texture analysis is a key factor which influences food sampling, buying and repurchase and is vital for ensuring consumer appeal and product success. Orally, visually, manually – texture is assessed in many ways to determine a wide range of properties: hardness, cohesiveness, springiness, stickiness, crispiness and chewiness.

While subjective testing still plays a role, it is now well accepted by food manufacturers that objective texture analysis is the more cost-effective approach to provide quick and repeatable information to determine the effects of raw material quality and ingredient / processing variables on end-product acceptability. Major food companies routinely apply texture analysis techniques both in new product development and as a key part of quality control to maintain consistency and textural quality in finished processed foods.

Because of its adaptability, Texture analysis has universal application for the assessment of products in all areas of industry from dairies, meat processing plants, snack factories, bakeries and many more. 

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