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Texture Analysis Machine from Arrow Scientific Standardises Products for Food Manufacturers

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The TA-XTPlus is a new texture analysis machine available from Arrow Scientific that will allow producers in food manufacturing environments to better standardise their mixes for pre-formed products.  

The portable TA-XTPlus texture analysis machine has been successfully tested by meat patties manufacturers aiming to increase the quality of their finished product.  

Standardisation being a key concern in the food industry, food manufacturers are seeking new ways to measure the composition of their products.  

Manufacturers can now reduce defects, increase production and obtain optimum processing composition by testing for optimum texture features in their products.  

The TA-XTPlus was designed for repetitive measuring in manufacturing environments and is especially suited for use in gels, dairy, fruit and vegetables, bakery and meat industries. The device is also suitable for universities and research organisations.  

The TA-XTPlus texture analyser uses a probe to analyse characteristics such as firmness, smoothness, ripeness, brittleness and grittiness.  

Patty manufacturers who successfully used the system to measure the texture of the meat mix before it went to the forming stage said that they were able to reduce downtime in production and maintain consistent finished quality.  

The TA-XTPlus is an updated version of the original Stable Micro Systems range and now has the capability to test tough foods with accurate measurement.  

Key features of the TA-XTPlus texture analysis machine: 

  • Charts texture graphs using computer-integrated software
  • Digital display shows core characteristics such as hardness, work input and adhesiveness, which allow for standalone operation
  • Master and operator modes can be accessed with password protection
  • Simple and advanced testing routines can be written by the user by pulling down menus and filling in dialogue boxes
  • In-depth analysis allows users to manually zoom into the graphs and highlight points of interest

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