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Sterile product sampling system

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The sampling system, available from Arrow Scientific , includes a unique, patented, aseptic sampler that enables you to quickly monitor your sterile product for contamination. Samplers are easily installed at many points in either process lines or tanks, whether its beverages like milk or a pharmaceutical product. Microbial contamination can occur at any time in any processing plant, hence the importance of continuous monitoring.

The effectiveness of any sterile process monitoring program is only as good as the quality of the samples. Only QMI's sampling system ensures aseptic process sampling while virtually eliminating the risk of introducing new contaminants to your product, process or sample. 

Samples obtained by the Tru-Test system help monitor for and determine the source of microbial contamination from: 

  • Malfunctioning valves
  • Airborne contaminants
  • Cracked tanks
  • Ineffective pasteurization
  • Ineffective cleaning procedures  


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