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New Glitterbug potion available from Arrow Scientific

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Thorough handwashing is crucial to any HACCP plan, up to 40% of the foodborne illness outbreaks are the result of poor handwashing and cross contamination.

Ensuring the staffs have an effective handwashing technique has been difficult to demonstrate simply and immediately, the solution is Glitterbug.

Glitterbug available from Arrow Scientific is a simple and inexpensive product designed to show the staff how well they are washing their hands. The only equipment required is a UV Lamp, Glitterbug Potion and a place to wash the hands.

Simply dispense Glitterbug Potion on to the hands from the metered pump pack and rub it in like applying a hand cream. Under UV Light, the Glitterbug Potion will make the hands shine.

Then wash the hands normally and dry them. Take another look under the UV light to check how effective hand washing is.

If any area glow such as around the nails, in the cracks or around the back of the hands, then it means it was not washed correctly.

Then one would know instantly, how thoroughly they washed their hands and how possible contamination could occur.

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