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NEOS Industrial Overshoe maintains hygiene

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article image Made with non-porous, non-absorbent materials.

THE NEOS Industrial Overshoe will help maintain hygienic zones and reduce biohazard contamination in all types of industrial environments, while providing greater comfort and safety for employees. The overshoe is available from Arrow Scientific Pty Ltd.

Shoes can be kept on while slipping into the NEOS Industrial Overshoes. When finished, the inside and outside can be sanitised.

The boots can then be worn by the next person, without worrying about foot hygiene.

They are comfortable since you still wear your own shoes and great for orthopaedic conditions.

NEOS Industrial Overshoes are easily cleaned and sanitised by being completely submersed in a wide range of chemicals, rinsed with water and placed on a rack or floor to quickly drip dry.

The inside and outside of the NEOS Overshoe are effectively sanitised and thus minimise the risk of contamination from Listeria, E. coli or any other bacteria.

The overshoes are made with non-porous, non-absorbent materials and have no seams, which can hide micro-organisms and allow them to grow.

The high-traction sole has a special tread design that does not trap food or other residues, or bacteria.

The sole is very stable and improves footing on slippery floors, even those covered in grease or fat.

The extra wide front gusset entry provides easy on and off, minimising the chance for muscle pulls.

The upper material is 100% RF welded, which guarantees the foot and footwear will remain dry, clean and protected. The rear of the boot does not cut into the back of the leg like gumboots do.

The durable materials and high quality construction of the NEOS Industrial Overshoe saves money, due to the longer replacement cycle than rubber boots and galoshes currently on the market. The NEOS overshoe simplifies inventory management by allowing boots to be shared.

Warranty provides for replacement of boot failure due to manufacturing defect within 30 days of final customer invoice date.

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