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Can Seam Test Equipment from Arrow Scientific

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article image WACO Can Seam Test Equipment

Arrow Scientific  specialises in the supply of a wide range of food testing equipment including the WACO line of can quality testing equipment.  

WACO can seam test equipment includes video seam monitors, can seam thickness gauges, score groove for pop-up openers, countersink depth and flange width, can strippers, enamel raters as well as the new Accuseam 2000 computerised double seam control system for food or beverage cans.  

The can testing equipment range also includes an analyser that measures the entire can profile including beads, flanges as well as can height and neck information.  

Accuseam 2000 can seam test system digitally scans, analyses and measures the can seam, comparing the results against a user-defined specification.  

Out of spec readings are highlighted on the monitor for corrective action by the operator. The Accuseam 2000 improves speed as well as accuracy and virtually eliminates human error and misinterpretation.  

Other tools for can testing applications include score residual gauges, end thickness gauges for curl width and curl radius as well as roll and chuck profilers.

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