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Arrow Scientific introduces new Cellulose sponge

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Arrow Scientific has a wide range of products that can be used to sample environmental surfaces for bacteria testing for HACCP.

The new product is a sterile, pre-moistened cellulose sponge with a quick release handle designed for sampling microbiological contamination on any surface.

It is a convenient, ready to use product designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming steps of diluent preparation, sterilisation and application to sampling devices.

Packaged in a sterile twirl-tie bag is an all inclusive sampling system. Simply remove the handle (sponge attached), collect sample, return to bag, release sponge into bag, twirl bag closed and send to the lab for analysis.

Since bacteria such as Listeria can firmly adhere to surfaces, these swabs allow firm force to be used to collect bacteria. The test is only good if one collects samples properly.

After the sample has been collected and the sponge returned to the bag, the media could be directly pipetted and plated out on a 3M Petrifilm ready to use microbiological media plate.

Other useful bacteria sampling products are the 3M Quick swab, a useful tool for swabbing hard to reach areas in both wet and dry environments and sterile, individually wrapped templates to ensure the correct area is sampled for any food microbiology test.

Arrow also has a CD based training program to improve consistency of swabbing techniques among all operators. Environmental results will therefore be consistent and more reliable.

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