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World's smallest line interface units

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DALLAS Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the DS315_ family, the world's smallest DS3/E3 and STS-1 line interface units (LIUs).

Available in single (DS3151), dual (DS3152), triple (DS3153), and quad (DS3154) versions, all four devices are packaged in a tiny, 13mm CSBGA. The DS3154 is more than 66% smaller than competing quad devices.

The DS315_ LIU family offers state-of-the-art receiver, transmitter, and jitter-attenuator circuitry. The receiver recovers clock and data from signals with 0 to 15dB of signal loss (more than 1000 feet of cable), while the transmitter drives waveshapes onto 75 ohms coaxial cable with excellent template compliance.

The jitter attenuator meets all applicable jitter standards, requires no external components, and can be mapped into either the transmit path or the receive path.

Receiver features include loss-of-signal detection and a 20dB preamplifier for monitoring applications. Transmitter features include line build-out control, transmit tri-state control, output driver monitor, and a pattern generator (DS3 AIS or unframed all ones).

Other features include B3ZS/HDB3 encoder and decoder, local and remote loopbacks, and built-in PRBS pattern generator and detector circuitry.

The DS315_ devices are pin compatible, giving customers the ability to offer several different port counts for the same linecard design.

Each channel is independently configurable for T3, E3, or STS-1 operation, with no changes to external components to switch among the three line rates. The LIUs have two options for status and control: an 8-bit microprocessor interface (CPU bus mode) or configuration input pins and status output pins (hardware mode).

The DS315_ devices operate from a 3.3V supply and have 5V-tolerant I/Os. All four LIUs are available in a 144-pin, thermally enhanced, CSBGA package in both commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges.

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