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MAXIM Integrated Products, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the MAX7450/MAX7451/MAX7452 family of complete front-end, standard-definition video signal conditioners.

Each device restores the dc level of the ac-coupled video input, corrects for amplitude variations up to ±6dB, detects fault conditions, and filters out-of-band noise.

These devices optimize the video input-signal quality for further video processing through a crosspoint switch or a video decoder. They compensate for cable loss or initial amplitude variations from various video sources.

The MAX7450/MAX7451/MAX7452 are ideal in security and other video-switching applications where the camera input connects to the video switch matrix.

This family of video signal conditioners operates from ±5V (MAX7450), ±3V (MAX7451), and +5V (MAX7452). The MAX7450/MAX7451 set the output blanking level of the video signal to GND using a back-porch clamp approach.

The MAX7452 features a user-adjustable back- porch clamp level ranging from 1V to 1.5V. Each device integrates an input video clamp, automatic gain control (AGC), loss-of-sync detector, and an out-of-band lowpass filter (fc = 10MHz).

An external pin adjusts the output buffer gain between +6dB or 0dB to drive either a 150 ohm video load with a full 2V peak-to-peak video signal or a 1V peak-to-peak video signal.

These devices also feature an AGC disable function.

The MAX7450/MAX7451/MAX7452 are low-cost, high-performance replacements for standard discrete components and op-amp-based AGC circuits. They are available in a tiny 8-pin SO package and operate in the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

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