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Small, low cost T3/E3 framers

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DALLAS Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has extended its line of DS3/E3 framers with the introduction of the DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412 (6, 8, and 12-channel framers, respectively).

Packaged in a 27mm plastic BGA package, the DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412 are the smallest framers in the industry. The DS31412 is more than 40% smaller than other 12-channel devices.

The DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412 complete a family of framers that includes the DS3141 (single), DS3142 (dual), DS3143 (triple), and DS3144 (quad).

All four lower-density devices are available in a 13mm CSBGA package. In this tiny package, the DS3144 is more than 77% smaller than the competition.

The DS314_ framers interface to a variety of line interface units (LIUs), microprocessor buses, and other system components without glue logic.

Each framer channel has its own HDLC controller, FEAC controller, and BERT, as well as full support for error detection and generation, performance monitoring, and loopbacks.

Other features include framing and formatting to M23 DS3, C-Bit Parity DS3, and G.751 E3; NRZ or dual-rail LIU interface; optional B3ZS/HDB3 encoder and decoder; per-channel power-down; and 8-bit microprocessor interface. Each framer channel is independently configurable for DS3/E3 operation.

The DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412 devices are pin compatible with each other, allowing users the ability to offer several different port counts for the same linecard design. Similarly, the lower-density DS3141, DS3142, DS3143, and DS3144 are pin compatible with each another.

All DS314_ devices operate from a 3.3V supply and have 5V-tolerant I/Os.

The lower-density framers (DS3141, DS3142, DS3143, and DS3144) come in a tiny, 13mm CSBGA package, while the higher-density framers (DS3146, DS3148, and DS31412) come in a 27mm PBGA package.

All seven are available in both the commercial (0°C to +70°C) and industrial (-40°C to +85°C) operating temperature ranges.

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