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Programmable flash memory microcontrollers

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article image Microcontroller offering in-application programmable flash memory.

DALLAS Semiconductor, represented by Arrow , has introduced its ultra-high-speed microcontrollers, the DS89C430, DS89C440, and DS89C450.

At one clock-per-machine cycle, these microcontrollers can achieve up to 33MIPS, making the DS89C430 the fastest drop-in 8051 microcontroller available.

The DS89C430, DS89C440, and DS89C450 integrate 16kB, 32kB, and 64kB flash memories, respectively.

Available in 40-pin DIP, 44-pin PLCC, and 44-pin TQFP packages, the DS89C430/DS89C440/DS89C450 are pin and code compatible with the original 8051.

Standard features include: two full-duplex UARTs; 13 interrupt sources with five priority levels; variable length MOVX timing; programmable watchdog timer; and power-fail reset.

The microcontrollers’ dual data pointers have auto increment/decrement that enable developers to quickly move data at rates in excess of 2Mbps.

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