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New triacs for consumer applications

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FAIRCHILD Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has announced its entry into the standard triac market with the new 600V FKPF12N60 and the 800V FKPF12N80, two 12A standard triacs for optimising performance in consumer appliances.

Designed with an advanced planar silicon structure, these triacs provide high reliability. High efficiency is achieved with low on-state loss of 1.5V max.

The target applications for these products are washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dimmers, remote switches and ac motor control applications. Fairchild also offers a full line of 600V and 800V triac optocouplers to facilitate complementary solutions.

The 600V/800V triacs are ideal for switching inductive loads. Ruggedness features are built in to offer reliable performance in product designs, including high di/dt (50A/micros) to prevent device failure, high (dv/dt)c (10V/micros) and (dv/dt)s (300V/micros) to prevent undesired turn-on by the transient voltage, and high ITSM (120A) to prevent device failure from current surges.

Both the FKPF12N60 and the FKPF12N80 are housed in isolated TO-220F packages.

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