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INTERSIL Corporation, represented by Arrow Electronics , has announced the new Endura ISL6564, an advanced four-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller.

This 6-bit VID (voltage identification) controller delivers the lowest VID voltage range, tightest phase balance, most precise voltage regulation, only self-clocked VID (no external clock required), output current indicator, and many more features that improve performance, save space and reduce costs.

Its full range of integrated features, use of up to four phases and a choice of either lower-MOSFET RDS(ON) or inductor dc resistance (DCR) current sensing make the ISL6564 a most flexible controller that brings high performance to a very wide range of applications where high-current voltage conversion and regulation is required.

Such applications include powering CPUs in computers, servers and data storage systems along with powering ASICs, FPGAs and systems in consumer, industrial, medical and communications equipment.

The controller, combined with Intersil HIP660XB or ISL661X MOSFET drivers or Intersil ISL6571 integrated power stages, forms a complete high-performance high-current power solution that provides high power efficiency and cost savings.

The ISL6564 greatly simplifies power design by being compatible not only with Intersil MOSFET drivers, but with integrated power stages (MOSFET driver and MOSFETs in one chip).

With a switching frequency range up to 1.5MHz per phase, an ISL6564-based voltage regulator requires fewer components and less PCB area in dc-to-dc converter applications.

In utilising the ISL6564, designers have a choice of current sensing techniques, each of which offer high performance and reduced parts count.

Current sensing can be accomplished using either a patented technique to measure the voltage across the lower MOSFET on resistance, RDS(ON), or the DCR of each output inductor during conduction intervals.

Current sensing provides the needed signals for precision droop, channel-current balancing, and over-current protection. The ISL6564 has a load current indicator pin that system designers can monitor to get a real-time measurement of the multiphase buck converter.

Dynamic VID technology allows seamless on-the-fly VID changes that adjust the output voltage in tiny millivolt increments.

The ISL6564 can detect the difference between the actual output voltage and the VID input, and can control its own transition to the new VID setting. This ensures smooth ramp up to the new, programmed output voltage without false triggering of the over-voltage protection circuit.

An offset pin allows accurate voltage offset settings that are independent of the VID setting.

The ISL6564 features a high bandwidth control loop to provide optimal response to load transients. Fast response to sudden load changes that cause voltage fluctuations is important to ensure system stability.

A unity-gain differential amplifier is provided for remote voltage sensing. Any potential difference between remote and local grounds is completely eliminated using the remote-sense amplifier. Eliminating ground differences improves regulation and protection accuracy.

The threshold-sensitive ENABLE input is available to accurately coordinate the start up of the ISL6564 with any other voltage rail. This feature eliminates additional supervisory circuits.

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