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Low profile, compact RGB-LED lamps

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FAIRCHILD Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronic s, has introduced the first two products in a new line of full-colour, surface-mount RGB LED lamps.

The small size, high brightness, and wide viewing angle of the lamps make them ideal for use in mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and other portable applications.

The QTLP650D-RGB is a top-illuminating lamp in a 1210 package, ideal for back-lighting and status indication.

The QTLP614C-RGB is a side-illuminating, right-angle, LED lamp designed for edge lighting LCD displays.

In addition to providing red, green or blue colour output, both the QTLP650D-RGB and QTLP614C-RGB are capable of mixing the RGB light sources for multi-colour output.

The RGB LED lamps may be used in conjunction with complementary Fairchild LED driver ICs to give designers a full range of colour and brightness control in portable electronic devices.

The new RGB-LED lamps are two of the most compact, full-colour LED lamps available.

The QTLP650D-RGB, housed in a 1210 surface-mount package, has a 3.2 x 2.7mm footprint and 1.1 mm height.

It features diffused optics and a 140 degrees viewing angle to provide ample, uniform light over a wide viewing range.

The QTLP614C-RGB is a right-angle LED with a 3.2 x 1.0mm footprint and 1.5mm height, water clear optics to optimise brightness, and a 160 degrees viewing angle for edge lighting LCD displays.

Both devices use AlInGaP (for red) and InGaN (for green and blue) technologies for high brightness output.

Typical luminous intensity for the QTLP650D-RGB, measured in mcd, is 60 (red), 130 (green) and 40 (blue), and typical luminous intensity for the QTLP614C-RGB is 110 (red), 100 (green) and 40 (blue).

The QTLP650D-RGB and QTLP614C-RGB are available in a 0.315 inch (8mm) width tape on a 7 inch (178mm) diameter reel in quantities of 2,000 unit per reel.

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