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article image IR3624 synchronous buck PWM controller IC.

INTERNATIONAL Rectifier, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced the IR3624, a 600kHz single-phase synchronous buck PWM controller IC designed for high density, 10A non-isolated point-of-load (POL) regulators used in networking and communications systems.

The 600kHz switching frequency enables the use of a reduced footprint inductor and fewer output capacitors, saving board area.

For example, when the new IR3624 is used with a pair of IR's small can DirectFET HEXFET MOSFETs, such as the IRF6623 and IRF66636, a complete 10A regulator can be made to fit into 200 square millimeters of board space.

"The combination of the IR3624 with two small-can DirectFET MOSFETs allows designers to achieve twice the power density of previous solutions by reducing solution footprint by 45%," said Faisal Ahmad, marketing manager for DC-DC Computing Products at International Rectifier.

For system robustness, the IR3624 features integrated thermal shutdown and programmable over-current limit protection. The IR3624 includes a 0.6V voltage reference, which allows a single POL regulator to support a wide variety of applications from ultra low-voltage DSPs to legacy 5V logic.

For applications below 5A, even higher density can be achieved by using one SO-8 dual N-channel HEXFET MOSFET such as the IRF8910 to replace the two stand-alone MOSFETs and further shrink the board area to within 150 square millimetres.

To meet the tracking requirements of the latest ASICs and FPGAs during start-up, the IR3624 can start-up with a pre-biased output voltage without discharging the output.

This feature simplifies regulator design for both the core and I/O voltages. Under-voltage lockout and programmable soft start features further help to limit in-rush currents and ensure proper power up of the regulator.

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