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Low-cost analogue temperature sensor

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article image Analogue-output temperature sensor.

DALLAS Semiconductor has introduced the DS600, the world's lowest cost, ±0.5°C (max) accurate analogue-output temperature sensor. It is available from Arrow Electronics .

The device comes factory calibrated and has a linear-voltage output characteristic, making it simple to use and implement in designs. Its high accuracy, low cost, and ease of use make it suitable for applications such as cold-junction compensation for high-precision thermocouples, replacing costly RTDs or existing accurate analogue temperature sensors.

The DS600 is also ideal for medical, automotive, and industrial applications. The temperature sensor measures its own temperature and outputs a voltage proportional to °C. The voltage output has a +6.45mV/°C (typ) sensitivity and a +509mV dc offset, which allows negative temperatures to be easily measured and reported.

The device's ±0.5°C (max) accuracy is rated over the 2.7V to 5.5V operating voltage range and a -20°C to 100°C temperature range. Outside this range it is ±0.75°C (max) accurate to -40°C and 125°C. The DS600 also contains a thermostat function with a user-defined threshold and an internal comparator to ensure high-precision threshold detection.

Low-power applications are easily accommodated because the DS600 has only 140μA (max) current consumption and has a shutdown mode with a current consumption of only 2.5 μA. The DS600 is available in an 8-pin microSOP-EP package, enabling a quick thermal-response time in temperature reporting.

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