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NATIONAL Semiconductor, represented by Arrow Electronics , has introduced Solutions.National.com and the WEBENCH 4.0 tool set, a comprehensive suite of free design tools, interactive product selectors, online information and search engine, that dramatically reduces time-to-market for new products.

In another industry first, National also announced that the WEBENCH 4.0 tool set now features switching regulators for high-voltage power supply designs.

“Solutions.National.com, and the WEBENCH tool set, enable our customers to visualise complete systems, do interactive online design, prototype and bring products to market, in time frames that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago," National vice president Phil Gibson said.

Solutions.National.com is an easy-to-use interactive online design support environment that slashes time needed to find the best products for an application.

It features 30 colour-coded block diagrams that are organised for specific applications in eight major market categories: automotive, broadband communications, displays, industrial, medical systems, personal/consumer electronics, power and wireless communications.

Design engineers can use the graphical navigation guide to access the 30 system solutions, get a list of recommended integrated circuits, perform thermal or electrical simulations online using National's WEBENCH design tools, and order product samples for worldwide delivery in only 24 to 48 hours.

For example, an engineer designing a patient monitoring system for use in a hospital can go to Solutions.National.com to get a quick system overview.

Clicking on a block in the diagram dynamically generates a selection guide showing the most appropriate National products for the application.

The selection guide, powered by iPhrase technology, is completely user-configurable. Users may select products by adjusting parameters such as supply voltage, package type, pin count, price, and more than 300 electrical characteristics.

WEBENCH 4.0 tools (webench.national.com) now feature solutions for switching regulators tailored for high-voltage power supply designs based on National's LM5000 family of products.

The LM5000 family combines advanced high-voltage processes, chip-scale packaging and proprietary circuitry to create fully integrated switching regulator ICs that operate from 10 volts to more than 100 volts.

These products are suitable for communications, industrial and automotive applications.

In addition, National's entire catalogue of Low Drop Out (LDO) regulators is now available. This expands the WEBENCH tool catalogue by more than 500 new devices. Every new LDO alternative is presented with an advisor that recommends the best thermal management compound, heat sink or fan.

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